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About Autism Chicago

Are you in search of an advanced and effective therapy for your child with autism?

Autism Chicago is Chicagoland’s premier provider of innovative, in-home Applied Behavior Analysis programming for children with autism and developmental delays between the ages 2 to 8 years old.  Our highly individualized curriculum is designed to aid children in their natural development through a flexible program that focuses on the most critical results, including:

Autism Chicago fosters a nurturing and individualized learning environment to young children by using scientifically proven methods and procedures to obtain learning goals and objectives. Intensive one-on-one therapy has been demonstrated to be the most effective method for teaching children with special needs. Each member of our professional staff quickly adapts and alters our programming to fit the needs of your child.

Most importantly, we see your child as a unique individual, worthy of our best work and all of the promises life has to offer.

We’re Here to Help!

As the parent of a child with autism or developmental delays, you know they are capable of so many remarkable things. However, the journey  to discovering  and unlocking their potential can be extremely frustrating.

Implementing ABA techniques and creating an environment where your child is likely to be successful allows for new skills to be taught, provides opportunities for your child to utilize those new skills, and reinforces occurrence of the new behaviors.

Autism Chicago strives to provide the highest quality home-based ABA therapy for families in the Chicagoland area. E-mail or call us today at (715) 497-4416 for an in-home consultation.

We contracted with the following insurance companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, Aetna, & United Behavioral Health.