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Testimonials for Autism Chicago

“Se comporta mejor, estamos muy agradecidos con este equipo de terapistas que nos han ayudado a nosotros tambien como padres a podernos comunicar y compreder a nuestra hija con autimo, nos han dado esperanza en que nuesta hija pueda tener una vida independente.”

— Sergio & Elisa

“The one-on-one attention (my son) receives in his daily therapy and the weekly individualized planning and program modifications by Mr. Mitchell are unmatched in the schools and other programs.  Joseph Mitchell never doubted, even at the beginning of my son’s therapy, that my son would learn to talk and learn to engage with the outside world.  He was right.  While my son still has a long way to go, he has come a long way and continues to make great progress.”

— Mary

“We are so grateful for Joe’s team’s effort to help our son improve his behavioral, social, and academic skills in so many different ways.  We have had various therapists along the way for one reason or another, but the quality of the therapists has been exceptional.”

— Seona

“[My daughter] is excited to see her therapists most days and I am grateful to have a group of people working with her that I can trust. Every day I hear my daughter giggling and screaming out her joy at something they are doing during a session. We have a fantastic team that has found a way to infuse fun into everything they do.”

— Paula