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Introduction to Applied Behavioral Analysis

By Joseph Mitchell
January 17, 2016

Autism Chicago provides in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for young children with autism. Our services are delivered by teams of therapists, consisting of a team leader who is required to have a Master’s degree and board certification in behavior analysis. He or she oversees and coordinates th team’s delivery of your child’s treatment curriculum. Each team member has demonstrated expertise in behavior analysis and a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Psychology or related field.

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Over the last 40 years, ABA has proven itself very effective in helping children with autism spectrum disorders to improve their social behaviors. To better understand ABA and its underlying principles and treatment approaches, please watch the video below.

Joseph Mitchell is the preseident of Autism Chicago. He has a Master's degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis, and can be reached via e-mail.